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The Border Hub is a Youth and Women-led organization in Busia, Kenya. We provide skills, character, and economic development programs; enabling youth and their communities to learn and access opportunities for socio-economic and cultural prosperity.

The organization is anchored on the need to provide sustainable solutions to poverty, illiteracy and unemployment, which has exposed the youth, men and women of the border county to exploitation, gender based violence, sexual manipulation, child marriage and crime, resulting in an economically deteriorated community whose people lack sustainable income. This has limited the community’s ability to access healthcare, skilled education and opportunities required to generate income as well as critical information in this digital era. The absence of a community library and standard learning centre where the youth can be productively engaged has for a long time left them to engage in risky social behaviors that result in increased crime, teen pregnancies, school dropouts and continued unemployment

It is on this front that we established a Youth Innovation Hub and Learning centre in Busia, providing a safe youth-friendly social and educational space for the youth to learn, engage productively, access internet and build their capacities to be changemakers, enabling them to access opportunities for socio-economic prosperity. The Border Hub houses a first ever tech hub in the border region, a digital learning centre, community library and a safe space for youth training, events, and engagements. The Border Hub also serves as the coordination centre for the Education for Sustainable Development program in western Kenya.

Our Mission

To enable youth access opportunities for social, cultural, and economic prosperity.

Our Vision

A prosperous youth community full of opportunities with reduced poverty and improved equality.