The Border Hub Programs

The Border Hub programming is anchored on three key pillars namely Skills, Character & Responsible Citizenship and Economic Strengthening

Skills Development

The Border Hub provides skills development programs for work readiness, personal development, and entrepreneurship. On work readiness, The Border Hub offers soft skills training and practical experience to young people, enabling them to gain relevant skills and expose them to opportunities for internships, fellowship, and employment. The Digital Literacy program provides youth with relevant digital & soft skills and connects them to opportunities for remote working.

Character & Responsible Citizenship

The Hub runs Volunteer Development, Behavior Change Communication and Responsible citizenship programs geared towards developing responsible informed citizens. Targeting youth and the community, the programs enable them to learn and strengthen personal values systems for resulting in development of values-based leaders in the nation.

We build the capacity of youth to identify community problems such as Gender Based Violence, emerging issues and participate in providing solutions as responsible citizens. We have identified, built the capacity and strengthened a network of male and female youth champions across all the seven sub counties in Busia County, through whom we implement advocacy programs on GBV, policy, gender equity, education and poverty eradication.

On responsible citizenship, we build capacity of young people to understand their rights and responsibilities as citizens, contribute to policy and policy making conversations and participate in political processes as informed citizens.

Economic Development and Strengthening

The Border Hub works with youth in enabling them build trade out of their talents and passions. We strengthen businesses of youth and youth groups across Busia County by offering relevant skills for developing businesses, business plans and expose them to opportunities for market access, value addition and seed funding for their enterprises. We also train and support them to register business names and understand how to capture the government funding opportunities.