Our Signature Programs

In addition to the programs mentioned earlier, we run Signature Programs at The Border Hub, aimed at strengthening youth work in the communities, developing Global Changemakers at the grassroots, enabling youth to be self-reliant and building capacity of young adults to make informed career & life choices. They include


1. The Next Step Program

  • Targeting high school leavers, the Next Step Program is a transition program providing relevant training for high school leavers to prepare them for the world out of school, as they ready to join colleges and universities.

    The program involves training on business & entrepreneurship, behavior change communication, computer, and digital skills, personal, community and global development aligned to the UN sustainable development goals. We enable high school graduates to develop community change initiatives, businesses and experience their careers before they study it.


2. Critical Skills for Self-reliance Program

We strive to ensure that every young person gains a skill that will enable them to be self-reliant, employable, and economically productive regardless of background or academic qualifications. Through a personal diagnosis process, the youth identify what they are passionate about and utilize their strengths and talents to develop critical skills for self-reliance.

The skills include Web design, software development, knitting, digital content development, carpentry etc. The youth are then trained on how to raise capital and market their talents, skills, and products so that they can sell and earn a living. By going through this program, we ensure that every young person can use their talent and skills to make a living, hence reducing the rate of unemployment, economic inequality, and poverty in the community.

3. Community Youth Champions Fellowship

Community Youth Champions (CYC) Fellowship is an annual Program of The Border Hub that identifies, recognizes, and awards young people under the age of 35 years as Community Youth Champions. They are recognized for defying all odds to start impactful innovations, projects and enterprises that address issues in their communities such as poverty, gender-based violence, teen pregnancies, access to basic commodities, access to health, education among others.

Upon Identification, the community youth champions join a 6-months CYC Fellowship Program, under which they are capacity built to register their enterprises, strengthen their community impact, mobilize resources, develop sustainable projects and build successful globally competitive enterprises. The CYC Fellowship simply transforms community youth champions into Global Change Leaders providing global solutions to local challenges in the grassroots, aligned to the UN Development goals. 

4. Arts for Sustainable Development

As a coordination centre on Education for Sustainable Development in western Kenya, The Border Hub runs the Arts for Sustainable Development Program aimed at building the capacity of young artists to advocate for sustainable development and create awareness of SDGs through fine art, poetry, music, design etc. The artists are trained on campaigns and advocacy skills, enabling them to use their talents in running campaigns in the community to address emerging issues such as GBV, Climate change and Covid-19.